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Although I’ve lived for a while, my life truly started 7 years ago.  That was when I made the decision to blow up my life and choose again.  I divorced my husband of 15 years (and father of my two children). I was so tired of living a life that wasn’t me.  I was exhausted from creating and maintaining a facade of me- I didn’t even know who I was anymore- but I decided I needed to find out.  That horribly painful decision was the beginning of the rest of my life...

It's also what led to me realizing that I'm the Queen and other women can be too! 


Work With Me

I am a life transformation specialist!  Let me help you create big transitions or small tweaks in your life. I desire nothing more than for all of my clients to have a life that's filled with joy. Let me help you find out how to create that life! See how we can work together by clicking the link below. 

"Be in love with your life. Every minute of it."


The Queen Course

When I think about the Queen I think about a woman who is fierce yet nurturing. Someone who can hold her own but knows she doesn't have to. Someone who can take care of herself but chooses to allow others to take care of her as well. 

To be a Queen means to:


Receive without guilt

Own your voice without fear of judgement

Own your power with ease and grace

Allow yourself to be taken care of

Know your worth

I believe these are essential to living a life you fully love. As a result I created a course catered to making these transformations in our own lives. Click the link to learn more an sign up for the course. 

Enrollment ends October 27th!