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Although I’ve lived for a while, my life truly started in 2012.  That was when I made the decision to blow up my life and choose again.  I divorced my husband of 15 years (and father of my two children). I was so tired of living a life that wasn’t me.  I was exhausted from creating and maintaining a facade of me- I didn’t even know who I was anymore- but I decided I needed to find out.  That horribly painful decision was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Since getting a divorce all those years ago, here’s how my life has changed (in no particular order): I became a runner (I’ve never run before), I have found and married my soulmate, I have launched a career that I am obsessed with, my children and both my husbands have traveled together many times, I’ve spoken at multiple Technology Conferences (including Internationally), I’ve learned to ski and I’ve learned to live.


I now have the privilege of teaching other women how to redesign the life of their dreams.  I teach them how to create a relationship with their children’s father in a way that loves and respects everyone (no matter how traumatic the divorce).  I teach women that their desires are sacred and they are worthy of WHATEVER they want in this world. You may be interested to know that my husband, my ex-husband and myself parent our children together.  We have an open and trusting relationship that includes traveling together, sharing dinners and holidays- but mostly just being kind and respectful.


I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, wife, and friend.  I’m obsessed with the color pink. I’m an identical twin. As a child, I lived on a sailboat and sailed the South Pacific Ocean.  I’m a little bit bossy and extreme lover of humans!


I have spent the last 20 years coaching executives and building and designing HR organizations from the ground up. I have been an executive-level advisor to business leaders on HR issues, seeking strategies and solutions for large organizations in diverse, geographically dispersed, and multicultural, global environments. Then I got burned out on all of that and quit.


I'm a member of the Forbes Coaches Council- an invitation only community for leading business and career coaches.  In addition to having a BA from California State University, Chico, I received my Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR) in 2007. I hold two additional Coaching certifications, in Intuitive Business Mentorship and a Coaching Certification Program through Mentor Masterclass.


I've been blessed enough to have been featured on various websites and podcasts.


You can see where I've been featured and listen and read each one by swiping to the right. 

35 and Divorced

with Jennifer Blanchard

"Starting Over in your 30s"

This is exactly what I'm here to share and teach in this lifetime. In this guest appearance, I talk about blowing up my life at 37 and starting over. 

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