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How to Tell Good Coaches from Bad Ones

Recently I had an initial session with a potential new client. He told me that he had “fired” his last coach and decided against coaching but then he came across me. I asked him what hadn’t worked about his last coach. He said he liked the guy as a person but he felt it was way too much like therapy. To me this is a huge red flag. Coaching is not therapy- nor should it be. If you find a coach who sounds like a therapist- you should run the other way!

Coaching doesn’t go into your past and figure out why certain events made you the way you are today. Coaching doesn’t care! It’s about behaviors and taking action today to get you closer to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. It’s about creating accountability and plans. It’s about getting information from someone who’s spent years of their professional career in your industry and knows how to navigate it.

So back to that client- about 15 minutes into the call he stopped and said- I can tell you are exactly the type of coach that I need. That was 6 weeks ago. In that time, I’ve assessed that he’s in the wrong job with the wrong company, we’ve figured out what he wants to do, and aligned his resume accordingly. My expectation of him is that by our next meeting he will have applied to multiple positions and maybe even have the first job offer in hand.

Where do you want to be in six weeks? I’ll help get you there.

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