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Quit Your Job

Want to Quit Your Job? I did too. So I did.

I don’t just mean switch jobs, or get a small promotion or change departments. I mean quit. Stop going to that same building everyday. Stop commuting, stop doing what someone else wants you to do EVERY day.

For 17 years I worked in corporate jobs. Some were okay, some were terrible and the most were somewhere in the middle. I worked my way up and had a lot of responsibility and impressive titles. I learned a lot of great skills. But somewhere along the way I lost my joy. I didn’t believe in my mission anymore. So, I quit. But first I made a plan.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. I realized that what made me the happiest was coaching, mentoring, and advising. So, I enrolled in a couple of coaching certification courses and now that’s what I do full time. Since December I’ve been working on my business and silently working up my courage to go public with this. Okay, I’m still working on the courage part…

What we get in life is what we believe we can have. We overcomplicate it by buying into limiting beliefs that tell us all of the bullshit excuses. I need to make more money, I can’t until the kids move out, my husband will never let me, no one will pay for that…

What lights you up inside? What brings you joy? What’s stopping you?

I work with clients to teach them how to create what they want in their life. I’ve helped clients build their dream businesses (and leave their day job), coached CEO’s on how to create a joy filled culture, coached women through divorce after being an at home Mom for 20 years.

Is there anything that I could help you with? Because that’s what lights me up. IM me to set up a complimentary Discovery Call!

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