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What do you want to FEEL when you grow up?

Lots of clients who work with me have the same dilemma- they don’t love the job they are in but don’t have a clear picture of what they actually want to do. I walk them through an exercise that helps them gain clarity (and might help you too)! Instead of the age old “what do you want to do” question I ask- what do you want to FEEL? We spend too much time at work focused on tasks and not how we actually feel in our bodies while we are doing it! A variation on this technique is how do you NOT want to feel? By getting really clear about what kinds of feelings a career can create in you- we can begin to craft a dream job description and take action to get there!

You can start by sitting down and figuring out on a daily basis- what does your job feel like-

- at it's worst

- at it's best