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What do you want to FEEL when you grow up?

Lots of clients who work with me have the same dilemma- they don’t love the job they are in but don’t have a clear picture of what they actually want to do. I walk them through an exercise that helps them gain clarity (and might help you too)! Instead of the age old “what do you want to do” question I ask- what do you want to FEEL? We spend too much time at work focused on tasks and not how we actually feel in our bodies while we are doing it! A variation on this technique is how do you NOT want to feel? By getting really clear about what kinds of feelings a career can create in you- we can begin to craft a dream job description and take action to get there!

You can start by sitting down and figuring out on a daily basis- what does your job feel like-

- at it's worst

- at it's best

- most of the time

- pick three feelings you never want to feel at work

- pick three you ALWAYS want to feel

From there we narrow down what types of jobs (industries, etc.) are the best fit for WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. I put back on my Head of HR hat and we get it done! Once you get clear on your path the rest is just logistics (resume, interview skills, job search).

What you will find is that when you are doing a job that is in perfect alignment with who you are as a person- it's easy and it feels fun! And who doesn't want that?

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed or confused- let me help you. Life is too short to do something you don't love!

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