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Human Connection

I had a very human experience yesterday that was both humbling and stopped me in my tracks. I returned home after being gone over a week and was opening mail. We bought our house in June and have a great relationship with the previous owners- I’ll text them and pass along mail whenever needed. I got to an envelope addressed to them. Here’s the thing- I’d love to say I accidentally opened it but that’s not true. My intuition told me to open it. Like- clear as day. So I did.

It was a Christmas letter from a man named Bob. I read that he and his wife took a river cruise in Russia in August and that he tripped and injured his leg in September. Then he told me that his wife, Aileen, had a stroke in November and passed away. He went on to say that it’s too quiet now and there’s no one to talk to and that he lost his travelling partner and cancelled a trip to Norway this summer. He finished up by saying that to compensate he will play bridge more often and continue to go back and forth to their vacation home as they have done for 40 years. Needless to say I was completely reduced to tears.

There were so many things about this letter that were striking. It was printed on beautiful holiday paper complete with matching holiday stamps. It was post dated a month after his wife died. But, mostly, his message was vulnerable. He could have not sent out anything. He could have sugar coated it and said he was doing great. He didn’t- he was honest about his pain and sadness. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to send him a letter introducing myself and lett