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Do you want to lounge by the pool while sipping champagne and having a blast with me? 

Come join me for the day at my home in the San Francisco Bay Area!

I can’t wait to welcome a small group of women to spend the day with me and enjoy healing, coaching, and learning about yourself while also relaxing, swimming, engaging with other women, enjoying a gourmet lunch and whatever else you desire!

What is Queen for a Day? 

This is a one-day, in-person opportunity to receive coaching, sisterhood, and self-care without having to worry about a thing. It's a small group of women gathering with the same focus in mind. There's tremendous healing power in gathering in person where growth and deep connections can happen quickly. It's extremely intimate since I'm inviting you to my home where I've created a life I truly love.  

Here’s what’s included:

  • Laser Coaching

  • Group Circle 

  • Self Discovery

  • Gourmet lunch and snacks

  • Champagne, wine, lemonade, tea - whatever you want!

  • Pool, hot tub fun, and sunning in my gorgeous resort-quality backyard

  • Super special surprise gifts from me to take home!

This is for you if...

...You have enjoyed my work or are interested in my work and want to connect with me in person.

...You desire a day to yourself for luxury and connection!

...You enjoy connecting with like-minded women in your own community.

...You just want to let your hair down and have some fun!

Here's what you'll get...
  • 1:1 Laser Coaching from me

  • Connection in sisterhood and support

  • Direction and clarity in areas of your life that you might be confused or unclear about

  • A new community of like-minded women

  • Relaxation, fun, and feeling like your battery has been recharged!

Queen for a Day

About Jennifer
Jennifer Peatman Signature.png

I am a coach, mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. I remind women like you about the Queen that resides within them. And I allow women to own all of themselves fully. 

I talk a lot about divorce and being the Queen! I'm passionate about both because one lead directly into the other for me. It's the thing that's allowed me to truly start living my life! It's also when I decided to start choosing me, which is why I'm such a huge advocate for divorce.

Seven years ago I decided to divorce my husband, the father to my two children.  And although it was the best decision I made for myself, it was also an incredibly painful one!

That's when I discovered how to truly step into the role of the Queen. As a mother and wife, I was used to giving so much and didn't know how to receive all the gifts I was being presented with.

Now I choose to live like the Queen I know I am. I receive all the gifts that have been bestowed upon me without guilt. I own who I am and what I stand for. I allow myself to be taken care of. And that's what I wish for you the most. 

I follow the principles I teach to you because I know how important it is to feel your own power while being grateful for everything you're given. 


The other thing I do is bring together women who have huge hearts. Who want to be braver than they are today.

Who want to DO SOMETHING.


Who have the amazing capacity to support, encourage and love each other. 

Most women I know either miss the sisterhood they once had or (even more often) have NEVER actually experienced it!


My intention is to create groups of women who embody all of these aspects and carry on their connection long after we've had our time together.  Who can grow as Queens together and not only give but also receive from each other.

Hello! In case you don't know me, I'm

Are you in?

Now is the time to say YES to you! 

If you desire an in-person experience that's easily accessible and will create lasting connections, you're ready!


The next Queen for the Day experience is

Friday, October 18th!

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If you have any questions, send me a message below! 


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