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Ritz Carlton Virgin Islands | July 2019

What does it mean to truly live like a queen?

A Queen is a leader and goddess that insists on giving herself what she needs most. She relishes in receiving and allowing others to do for her what she so freely gives to others. 


It's your time to live like a Queen of luxury and give yourself exactly what you need! Time away for yourself in the beautiful clear blue waters of the Caribbean to be supported by other Queens, fill yourself with the pleasure of your senses and be served upon. 


Fall asleep in your ocean front room to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. Dig your feet into the soft white sand beaches while you look out to the calming turquoise waters. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as the light embracing breeze tousles your hair. Escape into the quiet peaceful state of the island. 


The Virgin Islands are one of the most sacred places to me in this world. Every single photo you see on this page I took myself in the exact location where we will be connecting with what it truly means to be surrounded by luxury, beauty, and receive all that this experience brings.


I consider St. Thomas another home because my first trip there was the first time I met my husband’s immediate family.  I’ll never forget the moment I was greeted from coming out of the ocean and fully embraced with a hug and thanked by my mother-in-law for making her son so happy. Whenever I think of her I see her in this paradise.


Every time I return to St. Thomas I’m reminded of the connection love creates.  It's a special place that brings together family from all over the globe (Berlin, Nashville, Florida, and California) based on the love of two people.  I want to share all of that love and connection with you.


This retreat will allow you to escape from your daily pressures of being a mother with packing lunches, carpool, and being pulled in so many different directions. It'll take you out of the mundane and work commitments you're used to and ask you to step into the role of the Queen. 


We will swim with turtles, dine on catered meals by private chefs, lay by the pool, engage in sisterhood and experience extreme joy and luxury just as a Queen should!


This experience will also guide you in returning to daily living like the Queen that you are, full of luxurious self-care! 


Dust off your crowns and get ready to show off your Queen essence! 

Photos from the 2019 Queen of the Caribbean Retreat



Join me for 5 days at the Ritz Carlton Destination Club in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  This high end, all-inclusive luxury experience includes:


Palace Accommodations

-4 nights at the Ritz Carlton Destination Club in Red Hook, St. Thomas

-Luxury feather top beds with impeccable linens

-Private marble bathrooms with soaking tubs and separate showers

-All toiletries & amenities including robes

-Full kitchen & private washer and dryer

-Beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean

(2 guests per room)



-All meals provided-Including most by a private chef or eating out at my favorite local restaurants

-Snacks & alcohol stocked in each unit



-Day trip on a privately chartered boat to local snorkeling locations and beaches including Turtle Cove & Shipwreck

-Ferried day trip to St. John to spend the day at one of the planet's finest beaches 

-Adventurous water sports including: stand up paddleboarding, kayaks, snorkeling, catamaran sailing



-Daily sister circle

-Laser coaching


-Connection based around enhancing our intuition and ability to receive as Queens. 



Luxury Experience

Personalized service and pampering throughout your stay. Luscious robes, private chef cooked meals, soaking tubs, and an oceanfront balcony.  

Pleasure Filled Itinerary

Enliven your senses with boat rides, snorkeling, a cocktail by the water, local cuisine, and the joy of having everything taken care of. 

Turquoise Beaches

One of the most beautiful locations in the world with a bevy of turquoise beaches ready for you to experience as heaven on earth.  

Find out about the next retreat!

Thank you for your interest, we'll let you know about any upcoming retreats!

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