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What does it mean to be a Queen?  

When I think about the Queen I think about a woman who is fierce yet nurturing. Someone who can hold her own but knows she doesn't have to. Someone who can take care of herself but chooses to allow others to take care of her as well. 

To be a Queen means to:

Receive without guilt

Own your voice without fear of judgement

Own your power with ease and grace

Allow yourself to be taken care of

Know your worth

Who is this for?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your joy and are trying to reconnect to who you REALLY are deep down?

Do you feel like you are living the wrong life but aren’t sure why?

Do you feel unhappy and unfulfilled in your current career and want to make a change?

Are you feeling disconnected or experiencing challenges in your marriage?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this course is for YOU!

This course will change your life. 

You will learn things about yourself that you never knew or have long forgotten.  

You will find YOURSELF.

What is this course? 

This is a 3 month live coaching course where you'll be learning to step into the role of Queen. This means understanding the difference between princess and queen, increasing your threshold for receiving, and understanding your feminine vs. masculine energy.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 3 months of live classes discussing a weekly topic with Q&A

  • Access to all of my digital courses and content 

  • Weekly workbooks to go along with the video modules

  • Private Facebook group rooted in sisterhood and connection

  • Transformation, lifelong connections, and lasting sisterhood

How do you explain this course? It’s amazing! I think it helped me look introspectively into my own life as well as gaining a kinship with other women that I didn’t know or wouldn’t know so I feel like that was amazing. But I think just my personal growth has been tremendous. I can see it even in the zoom calls. The biggest change for me was getting my confidence back in myself.

Lisa P. - Danville, California

I was wondering if I would get anything out of it. Since enrolling I feel so much more empowered to make my life better. I have been acting on and approaching the subjects we discuss rather than avoid them.  I have been seeing things through a different perspective and it is amazing how the people in my life are positively reacting to the changes in me. Throw all your concerns away. This course will change your life for the good forever!

Wendy G.. - Livermore, California

When I was considering the course I was talking to a friend and I said, “uh, that’s what rich people do. They go to coaching and they pay all this money and they do these things.” And he said why does it just have to be rich people? So being able to just take that risk and seeing that I am worth it, that it’s okay to invest in yourself.

Karen P. - Austin, Texas

What are people saying? 
About Jennifer
Jennifer Peatman (2).png

Hello! In case you don't know me, I'm

I am a coach, mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. I remind women like you about the Queen that resides within them. And I allow women to own all of themselves fully. 

I talk a lot about divorce and being the Queen! I'm passionate about both because one lead directly into the other for me. It's the thing that's allowed me to truly start living my life! It's also when I decided to start choosing me, which is why I'm such a huge advocate for divorce.

Seven years ago I decided to divorce my husband, the father to my two children.  And although it was the best decision I made for myself, it was also an incredibly painful one!

That's when I discovered how to truly step into the role of the Queen. As a mother and wife, I was used to giving so much and didn't know how to receive all the gifts I was being presented with.

Now I choose to live like the Queen I know I am. I receive all the gifts that have been bestowed upon me without guilt. I own who I am and what I stand for. I allow myself to be taken care of. And that's what I wish for you the most. 

I follow the principles I teach to you because I know how important it is to feel your own power while being grateful for everything you're given. 


The other thing I do is bring together women who have huge hearts. Who want to be braver than they are today.

Who want to DO SOMETHING.


Who have the amazing capacity to support, encourage and love each other. 

Most women I know either miss the sisterhood they once had or (even more often) have NEVER actually experienced it!


My intention is to create groups of women who embody all of these aspects and carry on their connection long after we've had our time together.  Who can grow as Queens together and not only give but also receive from each other.

Are you ready to be The Queen?

Now is the time to say YES to you! 

If you desire a profound and life-changing experience interwoven with the most amazing love and support, this course is here for you.


Enrollment is currently CLOSED. 

Submit your email address to find out as soon as the next one opens.

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